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Selling a house in Davisville can be a very stressful and time-consuming process. My mission is to make it as stress-free and as easy as possible for you and your family to find a new place to live.

Here are 5 simple steps I use to make selling your home easier on you:

Step 1: Choosing To Sell A Davisville Home

Getting value out of your home is one of the top priorities of anyone selling in Davisville. There are a lot of factors that influence the value of your home including the type of market it is - is it a buyer’s or seller’s market - and the timing around the sale of your home. Regardless of these factors, my goal is always to get you top value for your home using my knowledge of the industry and the neighbourhood to leverage potential buyers.

That being said, my priority is always to create a win-win scenario for both you and any buyers interested in your home to ensure that the process is stress-free and beneficial to you both.

I will help you by underlining and highlighting the precise appeal of your home to create interest from as many potential buyers as possible. I can also offer helpful tips with regards to staging and presentation of your home to induce offers as quickly as possible.

Getting your home in shape for sale is a key aspect of the selling process. Simple factors like conducting a home inspection, highlighting nearby entertainment centers, schools, public transit or unique traits of your home make all the differences when you are looking for a buyer. I will help you through all of these steps to ensure that your home is warm and inviting to everyone that steps through the door.

I take pride in personally handling every phone call that comes my way. This gives me the greatest opportunity to make sure you are properly taken care of from start to finish while selling your home. To get in touch, you can reach me here.

Step 2: Finding An Agent

I will be the first to tell you that not everyone requires a realtor during a home sale, and not all realtors are ideal for your specific needs. However, there are several factors that might influence your decision when it comes to selection an agent:

  • What connections do they have that will allow them to represent you effectively?

  • How invested are they in the neighbourhood?

  • Do they prioritize your needs above their own?

  • Can they give you a unique sales opportunity that other agents can’t?

As a passionate real estate agent in the Davisville region of Toronto, I have spent over 5 years living and breathing this neighbourhood. My family has had roots here for over 35 years, and I know every corner and back alley there is, as well as the best places to eat, play and work.

This is my home, and I want the best for you, your family and mine. That’s what gives me the confidence to say that I am perfectly suited to help you find buyers for your home. I can negotiate a profitable deal for you and your family while simultaneously helping my community grow with neighbours my kids can grow up with.

With my connections, experience and knowledge, I can provide you with a list of home buyers who will all be interested in making offers for your home. Using my history with the neighbourhood, I can qualify them to ensure that anyone making you an offer is legitimately interested in buying your home.

No stress, no empty open houses, no waiting for offers.

That’s how selling a home should be. Get started today.

Step 3: Put Your Home On The Market

Once you decide to put your home up on the market, I will work with you to assess it and set a price that you are happy with. I will utilize my network to target potential buyers who have expressed an interest in purchasing property that fits your home’s description.

My mission throughout this entire process is to reduce the stress on you while simultaneously getting you interested and qualified potential buyers to check out your home. I have many channels open to me to make this happen, and my guarantee is that I will work to ensure that you only deal with truly interested potential buyers.

From listing to closing, I will work hand-in-hand with you to ensure that you get the most out of the process you possibly can.

Get in touch and I can outline my process to you.

Step 4: Receiving Offers For Your Home

This is the part where I really step up to the plate for you. From the get-go, I will be receiving offers for your home that I will help you consider based on pricing, conditions and terms that the potential buyer is looking for.

Together we will determine what fits your needs and I will work to ensure that you get the very best deal possible for you and your family.

My goal with every sale I help conduct is to produce a win-win scenario for everyone involved to make the sales process effective, efficient, simple and easy.

Step 5: Sell Your Home

Once negotiations have been completed and you have arrived at a fair and beneficial deal, we close the contract and you receive payment for your home.

All you have to do is sign the deal, hand the keys over to the new owners and enjoy your new home!

Get started here with a quick, simple phone call.

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